Surprising Facts About Sushi

So, you think you know a lot about sushi? These raw rolls of fishes remain a mystery to the curious. Unlike that ready-to-eat sushi from the grocery store, an authentic sushi experience leaves you with flavorful footprints you will want to seek over and over again. Japan chefs know just how to make each raw tidbit a ride of texture, taste, and presentation – from salmon to tropical fruits!

But to make your sushi experience more enriching, it’s best to know more about every raw roll. Here are random tidbits for every sushi fanatics:

Fact No. 1: Sushi didn’t come from Japan.

Surprise! We often think that sushi an original dish from the Japanese, but it actually came from the Mekong River before the idea of this fermented fish wrapped in sour rice spread into China and later in Japan.

But during the mid-1800s, Hanaya Yohei, a Japanese, invented the concept of sushi we all love today.

Fact No. 2: The sushi rice used to be something that’s not supposed to be eaten.

The vinegar-soaked rice was only used to aid the process of creating a unique, sour taste for those wrapped fishes. It also served in preventing flies from the fishes. Once the process has been completed, the rice was discarded and people only consumed the fish. 

Fact No. 3: Sushi used to be a cheap local favorite.

If today we’re used to eating popcorn and soda when going to the theaters, those Japanese ancestors had sushi. Once upon a time, sushi used to be a finger-licking snack they enjoyed cheaply. Think of sushi as a fast-food. Nowadays, we can’t even taste a piece of this raw roll without shelling out bucks.

Fact No. 4: The right way to eat sushi is with your fingers.

True to its origins as a cheap, fast-food, sushi is supposed to be eaten using your fingers. Today, people are too shy to try it. We’re just so driven with the chopstick culture. But on the other hand, chopsticks are typically only used to eat sashimi (raw slices of fish).

Fact No. 5: Don’t dip your sushi rice with sauce.

I know it’s too tempting to dip your sushi in soy sauce, but that can only ruin your authentic sushi experience. It takes skills to perfect the sushi rice that comes with the right taste and texture. If your sushi comes with toppings, they must never be dipped in soy sauce.