Wa Sarara is home to many of the cult-favorite Japanese cuisines. We have perfected the art of Japan’s unique gastronomy, and it is high time we share it with you, deliciously irresistible at affordable prices. 

Here are some of our well-loved dishes:

  • Sashimi

When it comes to sushi and sashimi, tunas are king. There are popular food staples to be eaten raw. However, tuna sashimis get the most love from Japanese cuisine foodies.

In Wa Sarara, tuna sashimis are prepared to suit the likings of your taste buds. Those who haven’t tried sashimis, they will learn to love this Japanese food grail through our finely crafted meal. We dedicate ourselves to serve a great number of sashimi lovers in the region. Our menu has many options for salmon sashimi bowls and other innovative tasty preferences.

  • Sushi

Sushi is one of the most trendsetting Japanese favorites. In fact, its fame has reached the mouths of many foreigners from all over the world. They love this raw rolls of seafood, fruits, and vegetables in vinegared rice. It is a unique variant from Japan’s well-loved staples, and it is easy to see why.

For your sushi fix, head over to Wa Sarara. Our signature rolls are one of the best in town. We have a wide selection of sushi, from raw salmon to tropical fruits. 

With our flair in creative cuisine, we continue to surpass the expectations and satisfaction of our sushi lovers. They love our special sushi meal sets and house combo plates. Taste and experience our very own sushi, so you’ll know why we are the crowd’s favorite.

  • Tempura 

Fried foods are comfort foods, just like in the case of our tempura meals where our guests find pleasure and relief after each bite.

Shrimp dishes have been a part of Japan’s gastronomic art since the 17th century. That’s why it tops the list of deep-fried delights. You may think that making tempura is easy, but the generations of chefs producing this cuisine would tell you otherwise.

Our tempura is made up of healthy and cultured shrimps. They are mixed with a light flour-based batter before they are fully immersed in a hot and spanking golden oil. Similar to our Japanese favorites, we also have a variety of offerings for our tempura. From ebi to ebi furai, you choose whatever kind of tempura tickles your fancy.

Discover a tasty experience from visiting Wa Sarara. Contact us today.